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Consignor (Seller) Documents

If you'd like to save time, you can download, print, and complete the two documents you'll need to consign your items with the Pacific Northwest Auction House right from home. 


Be sure to bring these with your items when you're ready to sell at auction.


Of course, you don't need to complete these forms in advance - we'll gladly provide you copies when you arrive to drop off your items.


For Consignors

You'll need a copy of this form completed, signed, and on file with us before you'll be able to place items for sale in one of our online auctions. 


The great news is that you'll only need to complete this form one time to be eligible to consign today and in future auctions. 

To download and print this agreement, just follow this link

List of Items

Auction Intake Form

We call this our Auction Intake Form, but it's just a list of the items you're consigning at auction. 

You will need to complete one of these forms each time you bring items for sale at one of our auctions, though you can complete and submit these forms electronically (if that's easier for you). Just download the spreadsheet, complete it, and email it back to us at We'll send you an email reply when we receive your list(s). 

If you'd prefer, you may also print the document and list your items by hand. 

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